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What You Should Do in Your First Week at a New Workplace

We all know how stressful job interviews are, but no one ever talks about how stressful the first days at a new position can be, even if you are warmly welcomed by the team. Especially in your first days, you want to show off your skills and make the best impression on everyone.

When you start a new job, remember that no one expects you to make great progress in your first week. So, first of all, keep calm! Try not to worry - no one will measure you by your achievements in your first week. Remember that your boss has been in the same situation in his or her life. Don’t try to do everything at once.

First of all, get a feel for the office, get to know your company and colleagues, do your duties well. Second, learn the office rules, take time to talk with people you will be working with, ask as many questions as you need to perform well. Take the initiative, and you will reach your goals.

P.S. Find out where you can make coffee - and good luck!

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