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Khatia Communication Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Today, on May 5, Khatia Communication, the PR agency with the Canadian experience, celebrates one year in business.

This year, the company developed new brands, such as the restaurant Dadiani, Bon Repas, the travel agency Travel and Trek Tours, and Bon Voyage. The agency rebranded companies including Daily, Dio, and Briks. In addition to that, throughout the year, Khatia Communication supported 15 different businesses in their public relations efforts.

“From my experience, I know that there’s a great potential for success. Foreign companies are interested in our services, and this is just the beginning. With the permanent development of our staff, more will become possible. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to our success,” said the founder of the company, Khatia Odzelashvili.

Khatia Communication is growing fast. Each new project leads to greater interest and demand in the company’s products and services. Currently, foreign as well as Georgian companies work with the agency.

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