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How to check the accuracy of information

We come across lots of information about people and companies every day. News articles with catchy titles are at the center of attention and spread rapidly. The reality is that negative news creates greater interest and is discussed more in social media channels.

Unfortunately, the accuracy of information is often neither verified by the distributor nor the author himself. Unverified information can harm a person or company’s image.

There are several ways you can verify the accuracy of information:

  1. The source of the information - who is the distributor of the article and is the organization reliable? Look at the distributor’s website and examine it for clues about its reliability.

  2. Title - the title of the article may be misleading and not accurately reflect the information under it. In this case, the author is trying to create interest with misinformation, unfortunately.

  3. Author – Look at who’s the author. Search for other articles by the same author and evaluate his/her reputation.

  4. Other sources - if the information presented in the article is associated with a variety of links, follow them and check their accuracy. Search for similar information content on other sites, as well.

How do you check information's accuracy? Can you share other methods?

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