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Do you need a brand book?

Creating your brand starts with an idea, and then your brand book is filled with the rules of your brand. Are you wondering whether or not you need a brand book too?

  1. A brand book is very important for every company. It helps companies to be perceived as it desires by its stakeholders. A logo, color, slogan - all of it stays in a customer’s mind and often helps them to make a decision at the right moment.

  2. Simply a logo does not make a brand, however, it is a very important part of the brand. If your company has only a logo, you have to know that you are not using branding opportunities fully.

  3. A brand book helps you to be consistent. When all the designers who will ever work with you use the same logo, and stay within your designated colour, font, style and tone, it will be easier to remember and recognize your company.

  4. The brand book defines the mission and the values of the company.

  5. The brand book can save you money and time, because you don’t have to think about your brand elements over and over again.

  6. It’s good for big companies to have the branding standards known in every branch office, and for startups to have a strong foundation and to be seen as an important player in the market.

Check out our portfolio and contact us to create your company’s brand book. We will gladly help you with this project.

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