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How to write an outstanding blog post

Blogging has become an integral part of corporate communication, so much so that it is included in our services. A blog post differs from both press releases and other social networking posts. Here, we offer you some tips on how to write outstanding blog posts.

Define your target audience

Before you start to write, it is necessary to have an idea about your target audience. Analyzing the group you’d like to attract will help you create content that most interests your readers.


After defining your target audience, you should come up with topics. Observe your audience, and find out what their interests are. First, select a general topic (e.g., blogging) and while writing you can change or narrow your topic (e.g., how to write an awesome blog post).

Study and plan your content

Next step is to read as much as possible about the topic. Use the internet to find information, in addition to books and magazines. A good post is based on good research. Never use only one source. Working with sources can inspire you. Always cite your sources accurately.

Eye-catching title

A strong title is half the job, think about what would make your blog post stand out. Writing a title can be challenging. Keep it short, 60 characters are optimal. Be simple and accurate. Use powerful keywords.

Good introduction and conclusion

The introduction of your post defines not only the meaning of your text but also orients the reader into the topic. Capture the reader with the first few sentences, and let them know what to expect from the post. Write a creative and concise conclusion.

Organise content

Your post should be divided into easily digestible paragraphs. Before starting to write, you should create an outline. Always double check the facts to avoid any inaccuracies. Do not forget to label the post with the appropriate category and tags.

Personal experiences and impressions

Unlike press releases, you can share personal impressions and experiences with your readers to enrich your narrative style.


Take into account benefits of writing concisely and shorten your posts. Read your blog out loud many times before making it public. In the first step of editing, adjust the structure and setup, then move on to spelling issues.


Ultimately, a blog post should be between 250 and 600 words. If your post is more than that, you can divide different topics into multiple posts. Readers typically do not have much time. Reading a large volume is not easy, especially electronically.


Use relevant images. You can attach a high-quality photo gallery or an infographic, but don’t overdo it. It’s best for your visual material to be branded.


For PR specialists the importance of a CTA (call-to-action) is well known. You always have some goal in writing a blog post - maybe you would like it to be shared on social media, or you want to get comments about your products and services. Tell this to your readers.

Not sure if writing a blog post is right for you? Let our passionate writers work for you.

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